zANTI is a comprehensive network diagnostics toolkit that enables complex audits and penetration tests at the push of a button. It provides cloud-based reporting that walks you through simple guidelines to ensure network safety


icon-wifi-zantizANTI offers a host of penetration-testing features, including everything from Man-In-The-Middle and password complexity audits to port monitoring and a sophisticated packetsniffer. zANTI offers a comprehensive range of fully customizable scans to reveal everything from authentication, backdoor and brute-force attempts to database, DNS and protocol-specific attacks – including rogue access points.

zANTI employs advanced cloud-based reporting that makes it easy to demonstrate flaws and rationalize budgeting for necessary network upgrades.

icon-page-zantizANTI offers a user-friendly web-based interface that turns complex audits into a walk in the park; to quote Forbes, it’s “as polished as a video game”. zANTI produces an Automated Network Map that shows any vulnerabilities of a given target. cloud-based reporting system tracks all scans and attacks performed against the given target and stores them for future reference. These reports automatically classify data by OS types, ports, and services on the target. Additionally, you can set time-specific access and reports through our time-based report sharing system.

zAnti still comes with a token type credit system that allows you to access the more advanced features, but you can still see the power of zAnti with the free version.
When you login into zANTI, it maps your entire network and in a few simple clicks ANTI covers the most advanced attack vectors in order to check for vulnerabilities on your network


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