Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Modding and building a Linux kernel

This tutorial shows how to build the Linux kernel, add a small modification to it and debug the new kernel using Visual Studio with VisualKernel.
We will use a Kubuntu machine to build the kernel source package provided by the distribution and then modify the kernel so that it shows how much time has elapsed since loading of each kernel module.
  1. Before we begin modifying the kernel we should create a Visual Studio project for it. Open Visual Studio and start the Custom Linux Kernel Wizard in the VisualKernel folder:
  2. On the first wizard page select the remote machine you want to target. Note that it's recommended to use the root account to avoid sudo prompts each time you install the kernel:

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hacking -The art of penetration live cd and pdf download

So there is an amazing book on hacking in assembly and C it come with a live cd it is called Hacking the art of penetration it can be purchased by searching for it on google or you can download the ebook and the live CD below the CD download is a torrent you will need a torrent client to download it.

 Torrent for live CD


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BHS Project ZEUS

D4rkNicolas is announcing about another great OS.

you can Find more information on his blog

Malware erases files, leaves 'f*** you' message

Malware erases files, leaves 'f*** you' message
Troll Malware that is something new!!!
Detected under name:Trojan.MSIL.ST (by MalwareBytes Pro)
A researcher at Malwarebytes had discovered a piece of malware that erases files on a person's PC and leaves behind a charming message: "Because f*** you! That's why." 

Rich Matteo first became aware of the malware through a post on Malwarebytes' public forums by a Polish user. Matteo found that once a host PC is infected, the malware looks for certain types of files -- including Microsoft Access databases (.mdb, .accdb), SQL server databases (.mdf), text files (.txt), Excel spreadsheets (.xls), Word documents (.doc), Powerpoints (.ppt), Zip archives (.zip), JPG images (.jpg), Backup files (.bak), Rar archives (.rar), 7z archives (.7z), Cabinet files (.cab), and files ending with "setup.exe". Once it finds these files, it deletes them and replaces their contents with the aforementioned message. It's no surprise that this causes many programs to stop working, one of which was Matteo's Malcode Analyst Pack. 

Pretty smart huh.The malware is a .NET Assembly that's been obfuscated with SmartAssembly v6. Now the question in is this a CyberCriminal , a Hacktivist , or a prankster.

It is possible that the malware is distributed through infected websites, malicious email attachments , phishing or one of the hackers favorite ways Facebook. Anyone who finds their computer infected would be made aware of it very quickly, since the file formats targeted are so commonly used.

Fake Malaysia Airlines news scams on Facebook , Twitter , etc.

Fake Malaysia Airlines news scams

Scammers are using the plight of the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 to create fake web links for profit.

"[Shocking Video] Malaysian Airlines missing flight MH370 found in Sea."

"Malaysian Airlines missing flight MH370 found in Sea - 50 people alive saved."

"CNN UPDATE [Breaking]Malaysian Airplane MH370 Already Found. Shocking Video"

The technique is by no means new, but that does not make it any less harmful.

When you click on the link it will take you to the website where is will make you shear and complete a survey to "Unlock" the video. But even after doing this things you won't be able to view the video because there is no video. 
Boyd says he has tracked hundreds of similar scams related to the Japanese Tsunami of 2011 and last year's earthquake in the Philippines. "They ranged from Malware and 419 scams to fake donation pages and search engine poisoning," Boyd tells "Anything involving a potential disaster is big money for the scammers, as there's a split between clickers with a penchant for salacious content and those who simply want to know if a relative is okay or if there's any more news on a breaking disaster."

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Top 13 Hacking OS for now

Best Hacking Operating Systems

1. kali Linux

2. BackTrack 5r3
3. NodeZero.
4. BackBox Linux
5. Blackbuntu.
6. Samurai Web Testing Framework.
7. Knoppix STD.
8. Pentoo.
10. Matriux Krypton.
11. DEFT.
13. Bugtraq

Friday, March 7, 2014

How to build a gaming computer or computer in general

So depending on your price rang this can vary but you are going to need these part for a gaming desktop.
1. CPU
3.Hard drive
4. Power supply
5. Motherboard
6. RAM (Random Access Memory)
8. DVD drive (optional)

So if you have these Items you should be able to build one I am going to suggest what I would put in it but you may have your preference mine is trying to stay under 1000 dollars.
1. CPU -AMD FX-8350 Eight core 4Ghz
2. Motherboard- Asus M5A97 LE R2.0mb
3. RAM -8GB DDR3 Patriot Extreme RAM
4. Hard drive - 1TB drive
5. DVD -LG 24x DVDRW
6. GPU -I would suggest a newer GPU like a GTX 770 or a 7970 but this would come with a AMD 5450
7. Power supply- Thermaltake PSU 600 watts
8. Case - Cougar solution steel case

You can get this set from here:

I will be doing a actual tutorial on building a computer if I get a request all you have to do is leave a comment below.

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Not hacking but a game made by me

Hey guys I recently made this game for an english project at my school if you like macbeth or just like rpg's it's for you. I have ...