How to build a gaming computer or computer in general

So depending on your price rang this can vary but you are going to need these part for a gaming desktop.
1. CPU
3.Hard drive
4. Power supply
5. Motherboard
6. RAM (Random Access Memory)
8. DVD drive (optional)

So if you have these Items you should be able to build one I am going to suggest what I would put in it but you may have your preference mine is trying to stay under 1000 dollars.
1. CPU -AMD FX-8350 Eight core 4Ghz
2. Motherboard- Asus M5A97 LE R2.0mb
3. RAM -8GB DDR3 Patriot Extreme RAM
4. Hard drive - 1TB drive
5. DVD -LG 24x DVDRW
6. GPU -I would suggest a newer GPU like a GTX 770 or a 7970 but this would come with a AMD 5450
7. Power supply- Thermaltake PSU 600 watts
8. Case - Cougar solution steel case

You can get this set from here:

I will be doing a actual tutorial on building a computer if I get a request all you have to do is leave a comment below.

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