How to make a website (for people who are confused)

Step 1. Materials
This is unfortunately a thing that costs money so you have to actually buy something and a computer with Internet connection.
( you will need around a hundred dollars for most sites it can be cheaper but I am estimating.)

Step 2. Got to a web hosting providers site for example Godaddy or hostgator for example and then you would want to buy a domain with web hosting.
fill in your information and select the kind of hosting you want.

Step 3. Now you have to purchase a domain so just put it in the fields and buy the site and you are going to need domain hosting unless you are hosting it yourself which is a little difficult to setup.

Step 4. Most providers have a file manager so go to that once you have completed the previous step. There you can install things like wordpress on your site or upload files like .xml files I would suggest wordpress for a beginner unless you can code in HTML5.

Step 5. Put some stuff on your site and enjoy!

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