THS side of the story by GalaxyNinja from Top-Hat-Sec

Hey there, this is GalaxyNinja from Top-Hat-Sec.
I have been asked to provide my side of the D4RkNiK0l4s story and was asked a few questions, which I have answered here.

The question you have to ask, is this: 
Is there any reason for an admin or owner to betray his Black-Hat-Sec forum members by compromising his own forum, taking the hashes, cracking the hashes and logging into the Top-Hat-Sec forum with one of His member's username and cracked password?

If the answer is Yes there is a reason to betray the trust of all your forum members, then you will fit right in at BHS.

Because this is what D4RkNiK0l4s did to Darkc0d3, a member on our forum and at one point, an admin on BHS.
The proof is in the wording and language that D4RkNiK0l4s used when he compromised Darkc0d3's account, and also in the email he changed Darkc0d3's account to at the time of the incident.

When our forum is back up, I will be able to grab that proof and you can see with your own eyes.

D4RkNiK0l4s (who is Male in answer to a question about his gender) registered July 30th 2013.
We have reason to believe that he registered under another account in April 2013 and was last on that account June 1st 2013. We gifted him a Premium THS Member on September 7, 2013.

The situation was this, he had release Hades back in August with our program that he did not pay for, and with some of our member only scripts.
We explained to N1k0ls that hey, we aren't sure how you got these programs/scripts, but they are only for members. 
Can you please take them off your OS? 
He was very polite and did so. Later in August, he asked me (and I think R4v3n as well) to check his OS and make sure there weren't scripts that shouldn't be there:

I had issues with the size, but after a while did discover that it had some scripts that were members only.

I would like to make a comment at this point. We understand that people share things with their real friends. It is okay, we expect this. In fact, if someone orders one of our courses, their close friends and family members only have to pay for testing ($15 or $20) if they want a certificate; they do not have to pay for the course, and only have to pay for testing because it takes time and money to do the test and send the certificate. In some cases the certificate shipping costs almost the same as the testing fee.
The issue is in Redistributing the scripts etc, either for a cost or without permission of the owners. 

Then on September 7th, the following took place (I wish we had the original posts, but there were links so someone erased them, which sucks because it proved our point even more :-(  )
Someone was harassing NiK0l4s for his OS (he was having trouble uploading it), so I told them, hey back off! He is doing this on his own time for people and if you dont like waiting you can make your own Distro (or something like that).

As you can see, he was very thankful and shortly afterwards said he would just post the distros in our members section so he wouldnt' have to erase the scripts.

I told him that once he became a paid member that he would be able to see stuff, but to hold on because I was checking on something (was asking R4v3n about giving him a free membership, which we do sometimes). 
All of a sudden he became panicked and started posting on the forum that the OS wasn't going to be available because he didn't have any money etc.
I had a few people offering to pay membership and before I could respond to the post, Th3Cr4ck3r bought a gift card for him (but I had already given N1K0l4s free membership at this point, so to my knowledge, he still has the giftcard code). 

And That is how N1K0l4s became a member! 

In response to him saying that we were just trying to get rich off of him? His OS actually overshadowed Our OS, created by Th3Cr4ck3r, which we were trying to release at the time.
I was not very happy about that, but just let it be as it was making N1K0l4s happy to post his OS's.

We also did not DDoS his Free Hosted site... he just didn't have enough bandwidth to keep it up so it kept going down. 

Darkc0d3 was not there to spy on his forum. Darkc0d3 had asked me permission to be an admin on N1K0l4's site because it was a great opportunity and I said "Sure, and if you can, please watch out for our stuff on his site, and we will watch out for his stuff on our site".  And that I didn't approve of the way N1K0l4s had put his forum up or copied the THS format and some of the boards, but that I wished him all the best (before he betrayed us). 

It is because of his childish behavior, that we had to close public registration. 

Since then, NiK0l4s has taken his article down claiming that he was moving on.
So we will move on too... 
We have a bunch of new stuff in the works.
We are changing hosting providers, we have a cool new website, a wiki and a scholarship fund for people who want to take our courses but are not able to for whatever reason.

Have a great day!


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