Arch Assault (download and summary)

The Arch Assault Project is an Arch Linux based on another source for penetration testers, security professionals and all-around Linux enthusiasts. This means that Arch Assault imports the vast majority of the official upstream Arch Linux packages; these packages are “mostly” unmodified from their upstream source. While Arch Linux base is primarily untouched, there are times were Arch Assault team had to fork a package to provide a better support for its vast selection of tools. All of the packages strive to maintain the Arch Linux standards, methods and philosophies.To look at the install guides below just click on the word install guide to view them.
Arch Assault aim to give you everything you love about Arch Linux but designed around the needs and wants of security professionals. It currently support packages optimized for the following architectures: i686, x86_64, and ARMv6h & ARMv7h.
Officially support the following boards:
·        Raspberry Pi Install Guide
·        PogoPlug V3

·        Cubieboard
·        Cubieboard 2
·        Hackberry
·        Mele A100
·        pcDuino
·        Nitrogen6X
·        UDOO
·        Utilite
·        Utilite Pro
·        Wandaboard
·        CuBox
·        D3Plug
·        Mirabox
·        SMILE Plug
·        ODroid-U2
·        ODroid-X
·        ODroid-X2 Install Guide
·        ODroid-XU Install Guide
·        ODroid-XU lite Install Guide
·        Samsung Chrome book Install Guide
·        Beagle board
·        Beagleboard-xM Install Guide
·        Beagle bone White Install Guide
·        Beagle bone Black Install Guide
·        IGEP V2
·        Gumstix Overo Install Guide
·        Panda board Install Guide
·        Zedboard
·        Trimslice

ARM based branch is designed to help build the security devices you desire, it also have support for drones (fixed wing & copters). Like the non-ARM arch’s, this branch is a derivative of ArchLinux|ARM built to ArchLinux|ARM standards and methods. Arch Assault is also your ArchLinux|ARM Rollback machine provider and an ALARM mirror. Arch Assault aims to support as many ARM devices as possible officially, but we currently have only so much time and hardware. You can find a list of officially supported devices, and their tested stat here.
·        Arch Linux Philosophy
·        Security tools that just work on the bleeding edge
·        Support for i686, x86_64, armv6h & armv7h
·        Gnome LiveDVD with Installer
·        KDE LiveDVD with Installer
·        OpenBox LiveDVD with Installer

To get this click the picture down below (:

ArchAssault distro 2  
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