How to acess files on another persons computer

will illustrate about the hacking of a remote computer’s hard disk drive. I will only show how to hack a remote computerAs already described, the net bios hacking is an easiest way to gain access over a remote computer’s hard disk. If the technique is successful then we can see as well as edit the data in a remote computer.

step 1. Open command prompt by typing “cmd” in the “run bar” and then hit “enter”. Type without quotes

step 2. The second point is to obtain an ip address. There are various ways to find out an ip address Download the software Click Here.  

step 3. After You have selected a live ip, type “net view” command in c prompt and hit Enter.

step 4. Wait for some time and in the “cmd” window a message like this will get displayed viz., “The Command was completed successfully”.

5. Now You will have to type the remote computer’s ip address in the following manner:

C:\> net view \\

and then have to hit enter. Note : in place of You will have to type the remote computer’s ip address. If you succeed in this step, You will find the Hard disk drives and printers which will get displayed in the window.

6. After the successful attempt, use the “net view” command in the same window. Net view is a bios command by which we can view the content of the remote computer and its installed printers. This can be further explained with the following example:

i) C:\> net use G: \\\L

ii) C:\> net use H: \\\My shared docs

Point to be noticed is that if G and H are the network drive names which we have to create on our computer so as we can gain access over the remote computer.

Apart from this if your hard disk is divided into 3 drives say “C”, D and E, The remaining A will belong to Floppy drive and F as CD-ROM, you will have to give L as your shared drive in CMD as explained in the above example.

7. If u use the commands and it got successful, your computer will display in the cmd window like this viz, “The Command Completed Successfully”. Almost all the work has been done now.

8. Click on “My Computer” now and on opening this you will notice new “ Hard disk Drive” which is shared. Now you can access the victims computer. If the write access is enabled on victims machine, then you can edit, copy, paste, steal anything what ever you want.

[If the firewall is enabled on the remote computer, You will not then be able to gain access through Net Bios as an error message will be displayed.]

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