Cracking wpa and wpa2 with backtrack

OK so for those of you who don't know how to get back track or what it is backtrack is an operating system used by hackers and pen tester's it can be used for many different things. Today I am going to show you how to crack wifi the easiest way possible using fern wifi cracker. What you are going to need is a computer and backtrack and maybe a wireless card. After you have all of these materials you should boot up backtrack by booting of the USB the way you do that is after it is installed you turn your computer off plug in the USB with the computer still off and then you would turn your computer on and enter your bios. Once you are in your bios go to boot and select your USB and put it at the top of the boot order. Then save and exit if you installed it correctly you should see a terminal hit enter or type boot then enter. Then it will ask for a user name or password the user name is root and the password is toor. Then you should be at the home you should then go to the start menu in the left corner in there will be many options you should choose exploitation tools and then choose wireless and look for a program called fern wifi cracker run it. Then it will ask you to select a wireless interface select anyone that it displays if it doesn't display one your wireless card isn't compatible with the system. If this is the case you may need to buy a USB wireless card. After you have selected the interface you should see a button saying scan click it and wait for it to detect the network you would like to crack. Once it has found the networks you should select the one you want to crack and the it will open a window. Depending on what kind of security the router has it can take anywhere from 10 minutes to a week to crack it if you are using a word list but there are different options which you can select there is no best one for every situation but some are better than others In some cases. Now just wait for it to crack it , it can take a while so don't bother sitting there waiting for the password to show up it will take a while.
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