"sounds like these white hats arent as white as they say they are"

So many of you know that a few days ago I started to investigate Dark Mint and all this crazy thing that happened with D4RkNiK0l4s. So after a long time of researching and testing I proofed that THS people are liers
quote from Black Hat Sec's form (which is up and running now)
So lets go step by step and see what I found.
 What are they blaming him for ? 
THS is really messy to come up with one thing to blame D4Rk for 
they are saying that he backdoored his own os and then I ask for a proof they link to a website where they say that he stole his page's passwords that when I ask for a proof they say "We shouted it down" well or I am an complete idiot and can't see the proof or there is no proof at all. it's like saying "I kicked hime because he attacked me and I can proof it because I kicked him" doesn't make sense, does it. So I also monitored Dark  mint for 2days there were no connection ( I was searching for something like beacons ).
 TopHatSec Is't playing  fare!
Here is a thing from the day Black Hat Sec was opened it was down after so some time ( I didn't visit it for a day after so I don't know for sure how long ) and heres what D4Rk told us that is was DDosed by THS. 

So in conclusion THS is trying to destroy blackhatsec forever but as D4Rk said he is always be there. And so do I and a lot more members of that forum. We will be there to help him.

BlackHatSec's form (new one ) ` black-hat-sec.tk/index.php

And remember more you learn better you see. 


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