Top Hacking Operating Systems

Hey. Looks like you are interested in hacking. You might go a head and search for 100 of tools available out there download them and then go in trouble installing them and making work with you machine ( Like I did with my mac) or you install a costume Linux distros on your machine.
So what linux distros do we have out there.
So Lets take a look.
1) Backtrack

Backtrack is my first Linux Distro I used for hacking. it  is kind of outdated but there are lot of ways to fix it and it is ready to role. Plus there are a lot of tutorials and books for it.
2) Kali Linux 

"Rebirth Of Backtrack" a really nice distros if you are coming from Backtrack it is  kind of hard to get around but you will get use to that. Doesn't come with KDE so you need to install it manually. Works really nice on my raspberry Pi.
3) BackBox 

Looks really cool. easy to dual boot. Based on Ubuntu . If you installed it I suggest looking at it Anonymous browsing menu works really nice.
4)BHS Dark Mint (1.5 Is out ) 

Distro Made by DaRkNiKoLas. As you guessed based on Linux Mint. Works nice. Great Work. you can find the info about it in his forum.

Another great distro by DaRkNiKoLas. Based on Kali Linux. currently he is working in new version so feel free go to his forum.
6) Bugtraq

Never used it myself. But  a lot of my suggest it for beginners

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