Torrents are a file type wich is downloaded via a peer to peer net work and is commonly used to download games movies and other things for free I do not openly support the illiegal activities you can do but you can download other things like hacking tools and other software.

Today I am going to show you how to download torrent files

1. You are going to need a torrent client I use Utorrent there are other though.

2. A working internet connection.

3. A torrent file to download

you can get Utorrent from here:

once you have that downloaded you should go to the piratebay here is a link :
then search for what ever you are looking for and they will probably have it. Then your torrent client will ask you if you want to download the file click yes if yes and no if no. Now just wait for it to finish downloading and congratulations you have downloaded your first torrent.
Hope you enjoyed this
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  1. This is a great and interesting information which can be used for downloading files in torrent forms. Thanks for posting it.


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