How to hack ADSL routers

Today I am going to show you guys how you hack ADSL router of others. You are probably wondering what ADSL router it is also known as a DSL modem. The router is used to connect a computer to the DSL phone line for using the ADSL service. In a layman's language we simply refer it as modem. In our Kashmir, usually ZTE modems are being used by most of the internet users. Almost 90 percent of users don't know about the Vulnerability of their ADSL modems which caneasily be exploited by hackers. A ADSL router has a username and a password by the manufacterers default. This default username and password is a major threat to almost all of the web users. Lets start with how to hack someone elses ADSL router.

1. The first step is finding your IP address. As I have already described it, u can go to any of this type of website
 2. Second important step is to download the  IP scanner you can get it from here:
3. How to use IP scanner. This is simple once you get your IP address let me start with using my own IP address when you open ip scanner you will have to type the IP address range in the following manner that is.  
Then you would scan other IP addresses to see which of them are alive and which are dead.
Once you click the scan button it will display the IP’s below 
The blue IP addresses are alive everything else is dead 
Type one of the live ip address in your internet browser's address bar and hit enter.
3. You will be asked for a username and a password. Type "admin" as username and "password" as password and login.
After you are logged in you can edit the configuration settings.

Hope you enjoyed this
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