How to trace someone elses IP adress online

Today I will be sharing with you people how to trace the IP address of an online user using cmd. Most of the people use yahoo messenger, skype .

§  The methodology used in this process will be like this:
§  An online user to whom you are chatting on skype or Yahoo .
§  Call up the user who's IP address is to be traced.
§  Go to windows button then type "cmd" in the search tab and hit enter button of your keyboard.
§  Close all the programs except the messenger (Skype or Yahoo) and if possible delete the cookies of your browser also.
§  A cmd window will get appeared and you will have to type like this
                                     "netstat -nbt"

§  Here you will find a list of Ip addresses.
§  Go to or to locate the correct IP address.
§  You can compare the User details and the IP details and traceout user's IP adress.


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