Install Hacking tools on mac

Hey guys so lets get started.
1. Install HomeBrew ( Macports sucks at this it broke my donwload 10 times )
ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
( it will ask you to install Xcode tools just follow the instructions if needed go to app store and get Xcode it's free )
2.install RVM to downgrade ruby (looks like metasploit won't work with ruby 2.x.x so you need to go to ruby 1.9.3
\curl -sSL | bash

3. install all the requirements for rvm  ( it will take some time so wait )
rvm install requirements

4. install ruby 1.9.3
rvm install ruby 1.9.3

5. install postgres
1) update brew
brew update
brew doctor

2)install it
brew install postgresql

initdb /usr/local/var/postgres -E utf8
( if this code fails it is ok to ignore )
gem install lunchy
this will install lunchy it is a really nice way to manage postgres
mkdir -p ~/Library/LaunchAgents

cp /usr/local/Cellar/postgresql/YOURVERSIONNUMBER/homebrew.mxcl.postgresql.plist ~/Library/LaunchAgents/
([color=red]MAKE SURE TO REPLACE YOURVERSIONNUMBER with the version number you have like for me it is 9.3.2 ( you can go to this directory and check) [/color]
lunchy start postgres
( they were some issues when lunchy might be gone just install it when you are in you ~ directory
6. install metasploit
brew install nmap
install nmap first
sudo su
if this doesn't work try
sudo bash

mkdir -p /opt/
if you don't have it already

cd /opt
git clone msf
sudo echo export MSF_DATABASE_CONFIG=/opt/msf/database.yml >> ~/.bash_profile
sudo nano /opt/msf/database.yml
Nano editor will pop up and you need to type

   adapter: postgresql
   database: msf
   username: msf
   port: 5432
   pool: 75
   timeout: 5

control-x , y , enter
cd /opt/msf/
bundle install
it this fails run
sudo bundle install

ln -s /opt/msf/msf* /opt/local/bin/

Now lets fix the error when it seas that Database is not found when you run search Windows  #or something else
lunchy stop postgres
lunchy start postgres

7. now let's install [color=red]SET[/color]
cd /opt
sudo git clone set/
cd set/
sudo python
#now if you run sudo ./setoolkit you will see that if can't find msf so lets fix that
sudo nano config/set_config

Now change the

Now if you run
sudo ./set

it [color=yellow]Works[/color]

there are a lot of other tools that you can install using brew run:

brew install aircrack-ng
brew install Wireshark #or brew install wireshark --with-qt
brew install hydra
brew install john

if John fails type
brew edit john

and make sure it looks like this
require 'formula'

class John < Formula
  url ''
  homepage ''
  md5 '7b50641248e9570341d5474b7c83f087'


  def install
    arch = Hardware.is_64_bit? ? '64' : 'sse2'

    Dir.chdir 'src' do
      system "make clean macosx-x86-#{arch}"

    rm 'README'
    # using mv over bin.install due to problem moving sym links
    mv 'run', bin
    chmod_R 0755, bin

if WireShark fails you can download it from
well That was it if you know any other tools please comment I would really need that Thanks




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