Java exploit talk

Today I am just going to do a talk but not a tutorial on a java exploit. The specific exploit I am talking about is a java exploit that works by raising it's own privilege and then it disconnects the connection between the two servers. when this happens the IP address's align incorrectly because the server tries to immediately reconnect but it aligns them Wrong causing the entire network to fail which means you would have to basically unplug the entire network and start from scratch. When I saw this attack in action it took around two months to fix so this type of attack can be extremely harmful to a network I cannot give you a program for this because there isn't one and if you would like to do something at this scale educationally you would need to create your own exploit you can write exploits in multiple programming languages including java as I have just talked about but I would be careful were and how you run these exploits to be sure that you are not doing anything illegal.

Hope you enjoyed this talk just email me if there is anything else you want me to write about and please  read other articles the more you guys read and visit the more I can do with this site


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