Kali LInux better or worse then backtrack for hacking?

Today I am discussing the pro's of and con's of both operating systems. I am first of all going to talk about kali, It's has a lot of more things you can do in metasploit and you can actually update allot of other programs that are more advanced and are useful. On backtracks side it has a wider variation of tools for people that are not technical enough to use more advanced tools. so it comes down to how technical of a person you are because in my opinion backtrack is more comfortable because I have been using it for a while, but a non opiniated view would be that backtrack is less advanced and easier to use but kali is more advanced and is for advanced people. I will be showing you in a upcoming tutorial how to get kali linux and in other tutorials how to hack with it.
Hope you enjoyed please request topics. :)


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