Blender Tips and Tricks

Blender can be tricky to use some times so here is a list of hot keys I have remembered to help me when I create 3D models. The ones below help bring up menus:
  • CTRL-LEFTARROW: previous screen
  • CTRL-RIGHTARROW: next screen
  • CTRL-UPARROW/DOWNARROW: maximize the window
  • SHIFT-SPACE: change between normal maximized window screen
  • SHIFT-F4: change to data view
  • SHIFT-F5: change to 3D window
  • SHIFT-F6: change to IPO window
  • SHIFT-F7: change to button window
  • SHIFT-F8: change to sequence window
  • SHIFT-F9: change to outliner window
  • SHIFT-F10: change to image window
  • SHIFT-F11: change to text window
  • SHIFT-F12: change to action window
For other hotkeys visit this link:
Some of these next tips my seem simple but are very commonly put aside by amateur 3d graphic design artists.
1) If you have a good enough scanner you can always make a 2D reference with pen and paper and then scan it onto the computer and import into blender and use while creating a 3D model.

2) When creating static meshes for games or other projects u always want to make sure u have low resolution model and a high resolution model.

3) If you are making a game you want to make parts of the model not separate but u want to reset your tool so that they are not connected in a shape sort of sense so that you can do things such as reloading animations for a gun or a person walking. 


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