How email ID's are known by spammers

this is a question of utmost importance which revolves in every mind of an Internet user. Let's take a quick look about this matter. As we know that we also get emails from unknown personalities. Thanks to the SPAM FOLDER of your inbox which receives such type of emails. So the question arises here is that how the spammers know our email address.There are various ways by which we provide our email addresses to the spammers like:
1. Social Networking:

Almost all the visitors of this page will be facebook , orkut, My space, Linkedin, Netlog, etc users. The first thing of concern is that we do not maintain privacy of our accounts. The truth is that we often are in need of a large friend list so that we can also be counted. All major e-mail clients like GMail and yahoo provide their users with API(Application Programming Interface) to pull e-mail ids of friend list available on social networking sites. Once all emails are pulled spammer download this email list as excel sheet and your e-mail ids are now ready to get spammed. This is how it is put. 

2. Software's and License Agreements:

When we download a software be sure it comes from a genuine source. Apart from this, when we are going to install a software on our machine, read the license agreement very carefully because it was recently noticed that a game (I actually don't remember the name of the game), installed on a machine helped the spammers to collect the information of the users. When the users claimed about this, the developers of the said game had already stated in their license agreement that they will send the info to third party. So be very careful in this regard.

3.  Apps:

Yes I am talking about Online Applications. As I have already said that most of us use facebook, so we might be knowing about the applications i.e., whenever we make use of any application, we allow the application to access our private data, and once you allow the same it can be easily extracted by the spammers. So be aware....
4. Online Forums: 
 Maintain privacy in forums, never post your email or phone numbers there. Many of us on commenting to a post, place our email there. So my suggestion to you is to avoid these kind of things.

5. Web mail Extractors:
Web mail extractor is a software which extracts emails from targeted company contact data (email, phone, fax) from web for responsible b2b communication. It extracts URL, meta tag (title, desc, keyword) for website promotion, search directory creation, web research. So u might have perceived what the matter is? You can also try it by downloading a web mail extractor.

6. Online Games and other Online stuff:

If you play online games, try to play from a reputed and a certified website.

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