Shellcoders handbook download (learn backdoors in OS's)

shellSo to summarize it this book is about code and data and what happens when the two become confused with each other. You’ll work with the basic building blocks of security bugs—assembler, source code, the stack, the heap, and so on. You’ll experiment, explore, and understand the systems you’re running—and how to better protect them. If you like this book click the image to the right and you can get it from amazon.
 Things you would learn from reading it                                  
·        Become familiar with security holes in Windows, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X, and Cisco’s IOS 
·        Learn how to write customized tools to protect your systems, not just how to use ready-made ones
·        Use a working exploit to verify your assessment when auditing a network
·        Use proof-of-concept exploits to rate the significance of bugs in software you’re developing
·        Assess the quality of purchased security products by performing penetration tests based on the information in this book
·        Understand how bugs are found and how exploits work at the lowest level

Download from here:
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