code to for factoring program for TI-84 and 83

(sto) = store the arrow above the on button
!= means not equal to found at 2nd, MATH, 2
:Input "Enter A: ",A
:Input "Enter B: ",B
:Input "Enter C: ",C
:gcd(abs(A),gcd(abs(B),abs(C))) (sto) G
:If (G!=0)
:(A/G) (sto) A
:(B/G) (sto) B
:(C/G) (sto) C
:(A*C) (sto) D
:0 (sto) L
:1 (sto) J
:While (L!=B)
:(D/J) (sto) K
:If (fPart(K)=0)
:J+K (sto) L
:J+1 (sto) J
:J+1 (sto) J
:J-1 (sto) J
:A (sto) O
:gcd(abs(K),abs(O)) (sto) H
:(K/H) (sto) K
:(O/H) (sto) O
:gcd(abs(J),abs(A)) (sto) M
:(J/M) (sto) J
:(A/M) (sto) A
This program is based off of the a and c busting b method of factoring, it only works with polynomials in the form of ax^2+bx+c


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