File binding using Rakabulle

So I am talking about file binding for those who don’t know what it is in few words a file binder is a tiny tool which allows merging any kind of files in a single application. When you execute the application, all previous merged files will be extracted to a temporary location then be executed normally. Win-rar here is an example propose a kind of function called SFX for Self Extraction Package, the only difference is that the binder doesn’t show any dialog. It will extract and execute the files in transparency or in other words as if there was no other file connected to it. Down below is an example video of how to use it and other things.

·        File binder, auto file extractor and executor.
·        REM (Remote Code Execution), Execute code (Plugins) in target process (Explorer or Internet Explorer)
·        Support 32 and 64 Process.
·        The application is a 32bit Application (Soon we will compile the 64bit version)
·        Support UPX compression for the stub (Without compression stub size is about 38KiB using pure Windows API no extra libraries; with compression stub size is approximately 16KiB) The UPX compression doesn’t change the way the application work only the final size.
·        Support Windows startup.
·        Doesn’t require administrative privileges.
·        Plugins and File list support drag n drop.
·        Support plugins with an open source example.

·        The stub and the builder are coded using Unicode encoding.

The number one thing I like about this is the no admin privileges are needed to run it so it makes a exploit easier to do.

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