take control of another persons PC using a RAT

Trojans, also known as Trojan Horses, are a type of virus designed to give an Attacker remote access to a system.Although, Trojans are frowned upon it is important to understand how Trojans work so that you can defend against them or utilize to easily open a backdoor on a compromised system
 So I am doing this tutorial on how you would use a RAT to take control of another persons PC.
first step download here: http://www.poisonivy-rat.com/dl.php?file=PI232
install it and run it now your victim has to be on the same network as you for this to work. In the settings of the program select the key logger option and also crypt the program I have already done a tutorial on how to do this so read it if you haven't yet done so.
The hardest part now is getting the file to your victim you can mail it or you could somehow put it in his USB. But that is different in every situation so once you have gotten that far and he runs it then you should be able to take control of his PC and view what he is typing.
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