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Top 50 releases of 2013


Raspberry Pi: HoneyPot

Glastopf is a web application honeypot project. It is a simple and minimalistic web server written in Python that records information of web-based application attacks


OpenVPN: Raspberry Pi

In this tutorial you can learn how to run OpenVPN Server on your Raspberry Pi



arkOS is a lightweight Linux-based operating system that runs on a Raspberry Pi.It allows you to easily host your own website, email, “cloud” and more, all within arm’s reach


DarkJPEG is a new generation open source steganography web service.

black_archBlackArch Linux

BlackArch Linux is a lightweight expansion to Arch Linux for penetration testers.

dark_mintDark Mint [Blackhat Edition]

Mint based penetration testing distro


Coder is a free, open source project that turns a Raspberry Pi into a simple platform that educators and parents can use to teach the basics of building for the web

PiBang-Linux_4PiBang Linux

This is PiBang Linux. A Linux distribution for the Raspberry Pi. It is inspired by Crunchbang Linux, and based on Raspbian.


Bugtroid is an innovative tool developed by the team of Bugtraq-Team. The main features of this apk, is that it has more than 200 Android and Linux tools (PRO) for pentesting and forensics through smarthphone or tablet.

kaliKali C.I.A V3 Wheezy 7.1

This is the third updated version of this popular penetration distro

kaliKali Linux 1.0.5

Kali Linux, the most advanced and versatile penetration testing distribution 

Raspberry Pi: Ad Blocking

This tutorial will show you how to use your Raspberry Pi as a WiFi access point that blocks ads by default for any devices using it

BackBox Linux 3.09

BackBox is a penetration testing distribution based on Ubuntu

PirateBox-logoPirateBox on Raspberry Pi

A PirateBox is a portable electronic device, often consisting of a router and a device for storing information , creating a wireless network that allows users who are connected to share files anonymously and locally

linux-deploy-mountKali Linux on android Using Linux Deploy

Kali Linux on any Android Phone or Tablet

mal2Hades Special Edition

Kali Linux custom build

WhiteUbuntu WhiteHat edition

Pentest distro based on Ubuntu 12.10.

onionpiOnion Pi

Another Excellent Raspberry Pi project which is now coming bundled with Tor Onion Router which gives you opportunity to create secure network wherever you are


PunkSPIDER is a global web application vulnerability search engine powered by PunkSCAN

Email-IconYour own personal Email Server

Building a modern e-mail stack from scratch

wifiWi-fEye v1.0-beta

Wi-fEye is an automated wirelress penetration testing tool written in python

hacker-wifiReaver: WPS Nightmare

Reaver-wps takes advantage of a vulnerability in something called Wi-Fi Protected Setup, or WPS

pfsensepfSense: Your FreeBSD Router

pfSense is a free, open source customized distribution of FreeBSD tailored for use as a firewall and router

hcat2Introduction: Break That Hash

Tutorial explaining how to set up and use a password-cracking computer

zmap-168ZMap · The Internet Scanner

ZMap is an open-source network scanner that enables researchers to easily perform Internet-wide network studies\

leandros-01Matriux “Leandros” v3 RC1

Matriux is a GNU/Linux, Debian based security distribution designed for penetration testing and cyber forensic investigations

freenasFreeNAS: Network Attached Storage

FreeNAS is an operating system based on FreeBSD with a web interface for management, and all the protocols you need to share files between Windows, Mac and Linux


Detect, capture and crack handshakes by partial ESSID

Xiaopan 0.4.3Xiaopan OS

Xiaopan OS is an easy to use software package for beginners and experts that includes a number of advanced hacking tools to penetrate WPA / WPA2 / WPS / WEP wireless networks

openSSH_logoSSH Tunnels

SSH Tunnels and Stuff

wirelessRaspberry Pi Wireless Attack Toolkit

A push-button wireless hacking and Man-in-the-Middle attack toolkit

penbang1Penbang v0.5 0

Penbang is a collection of tools aimed at the openbox environment. It includes Network Exploits, Vulnerability Assessment/Exploits, Network Analysis, Social Engineering tools, I.G.C, dsniff suite, and irpas. As well as a simple way of launching them.

Google-tv-logo3-lRaspberryPi: GoogleTV

Build your own Google TV Using RaspberryPi

canOWASP Mantra-OS 13.04 “Cannon” 

A Ubuntu based Linux OS built for application, penetration testing and secure computing

Slack-Mini-Server_1Superb Mini Server v2.0.5

SMS stands for Superb Mini Server. A Linux operating system console based and manageable through Webmin  web-based interface

alogoAlternative Internet


ByzPi: Ad-hoc wireless mesh networking for the zombie apocalypse.


Vuln Hunter

Website Vulnerability Scanner

NetcatNetCat: Forgot How To Cat ?

Netcat is a terminal application that is similar to the telnet program but has lot more features

gns3-logoGNS3 v0.8.5

GNS3 is an open source software that simulate complex networks while being as close as possible from the way real networks perform,


Project Tox, also known as Tox, is a FOSS instant messaging application aimed to replace Skype.

loLo0tBo0ty Wifi-To0lz

Wireless Tools


While CRIME was mitigated by disabling TLS/SPDY compression BREACH attacks HTTP responses

masscan-25mMASSCAN: Mass IP port scanner

This is the fastest Internet port scanner. It can scan the entire Internet in under 6 minutes, transmitting 10 million packets per second.

ubuntu-wideHow to secure an Ubuntu – The Basics

This guide is intended as a relatively easy < step by step > guide to harden the security on an Ubuntu Server

Control-Panel-iconManage Linux Servers [Control Panels]

The web hosting control panels provides a elegant solution to Linux newbies to host multiple websites on VPS (Virtual Private Servers) and Dedicated Servers


CookieCatcher is an open source application which was created to assist in the exploitation of XSS

focaEvil Foca [DefCon Edition]

Evil Foca (Alpha Version) is a tool for Pentesters and Security Auditors to perform security testing in IPv4/ IPv6 data networks

netoolsNetool.sh v3.1

Netool.sh its a script in bash to automate frameworks like Metasploit, Nmap, Driftnet, SSLstrip, Ettercap, macchanger, webcrawler

smoothSmoothSec 3.2

Smooth-Sec is a lightweight and fully-ready IDS/IPS (Intrusion Detection/Prevention System) Linux distribution based on Debian

mitmAutomatic MITM

Automatic MITM (arp poisoning) shell script that features tools like sslstrip, dsniff and ettercap

Exploit_PackExploit Pack v2.2a

An open source exploiting tool for pentesters

hashcat-iconoclHashcat-plus v0.15

oclHashcat-plus is a GPGPU-based multi-hash cracker using a brute-force attack


PenQ is an open source, Linux-based penetration testing browser bundle we built over Mozilla Firefox


Cryptocat is an experimental browser-based chat client for easy to use, encrypted conversations

easyEasy-creds v3.8-DEV

The easy-creds script is a bash script that leverages ettercap and other tools to obtain credentials during penetration testing

elementary_oselementary OS

Elementary is a software platform – a unified computer operating system


Hyperboria is a global decentralized network of “nodes” running cjdns software

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