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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Emoticons on Facebook

:)Facebook Big Smile Grin Emoticon
:DFacebook Frown Emoticon
:(Facebook Cry Emoticon
:'(Facebook Comments Smiley With Tongue Out
:PFacebook Angel Smiley Symbol
O:)Facebook Devil Smiley Emoticon
3:)Facebook Confused Smiley
o.OFacebook Wink Smiley
;)Facebook Gasp Emoticon
:OFacebook Squint Smiley
-_-Facebook Angry Smiley
>:OFacebook Kiss Smiley
:*Facebook Heart Symbol
<3Facebook Kiki Smiley
^_^Facebook Glasses Smiley
8)Facebook Sunglasses Smiley
8|Facebook Shark Smiley
(^^^)Facebook Robot Smiley
:|]Facebook Grumpy Smiley
>:(Facebook Pacman Emoticon
:vFacebook Unsure Smiley
:/Facebook Curly Lips
:3Facebook Penguin Smiley
<(")Thumb Up (y) Like Facebook Emoticon
(y)Poop - New Facebook Emoticon
:poop:Facebook Chris Putnam Smiley
:putnam:Facebook Cloud Icon

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